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:STATEMENT  The Spartanburg County Democratic Party strongly supports the taking down of the Confederate Battle Flag from its prominent place at the Statehouse in Columbia.  It is regrettable that something so heinous as the savage murders in Charleston should be required to bring about this action which Democrats have urged for years.

But this moment must be seized.  If too much time elapses, the voices of "tradition" that have kept this symbol of racism and oppression in highly visible and official sites at the seat of state government will regain strength.  NOW is the time for ACTION.  
South Carolina can no longer be seen as the last refuge for a cause that at its very roots meant the enslavement of millions of Americans by a privileged few.

Removal of this symbol of hatred and oppression from its prominent location to a museum does not mean that the valor of Confederate soldiers must be forgotten.  It does mean that the symbols of what was essentially a traitorous movement against the United States government, symbols which are also show prominently and reverently embraced by the perpetrator of the atrocity in Charleston, have no place on the official grounds of the
state capitol.

EMAIL, CALL, WRITE to your representatives in Columbia to vote "YES" on the upcoming bill to remove the flag to the place where all other historic state flags are located.
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Spartanburg Democrats Monthly LUNCH(2nd Monday each month)

Monday, July 13, 2015 @ Noon 
Golden Corral,    WO Ezell Blvd (next to Olive Garden) 

 Speaker: Natasha Cimoszewicz - Professor, Spartanburg Community College       (daughter of a president of Poland)


Join local Democrats for our monthly lunch. You can enjoy lunch for $11 
(includes buffet, drink, tip, and $1 donation to the local party).  All are encouraged to participate, but especially all leadership and precinct contacts.  If you cannot attend but wish to make comments, suggestions or volunteer, please call 864-585-6957.

Spartanburg Democrats Monthly SOCIAL(Last Thursday each month)
Thursday, July 29 @ 5:30-7:00 pm 
Brickhouse Pizzeria,    198 Ezell Street 

Join local democrats for a dutch treat and an evening of fellowship.

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Nick Kekas Memorial Fund 
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2014-2016 Spartanburg County 
Democratic Party Officers

Ron Romine, Chair 
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Helen Bennett, 1st Vice Chair  
Phone:  864-587-2775
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Tammie Hill 2nd Vice Chair 
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 3rd Vice Chair 

Allen Singer, Treasurer  
Phone: 864-579-3057
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Jennifer Richey, Secretary
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Jeff Ramsey, Platform & Resolutions  
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Michael Thompson, Rules & Credentials  
Phone: 803-524-6180
Email: ceo@MichaelRThompson.com
Deb Morrow, Executive Committeewoman
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Jonathan Metcalf, Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-814-5726
Email:   jonathanmetcalf@mac.com
Dennis Shreefer, Alt. Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-585-1239

Jan Hammett, Alt. Executive Committeewoman 
Phone: 864-504-9167