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                                          UPCOMING  DATES and EVENTS  TO REMEMBER:  

                                                     -- July 26-28, 2016  -  NATIONAL CONVENTION (Philadelphia, PA)



Monthly  LUNCH  Meeting
{2nd Mondays}
Golden Corral @ 1492 W O Ezell Blvd
   12:00 Noon  

Lunch is $11.00.  Listening is free!   Join us for discussions of the latest topics and issues affecting us as Democrats.

THIS MONTH (5/9/2016)

Guest Speaker: Rev. Scott Neeley

Topic: Speaking Down Barriers

Monthly  SOCIAL Meeting
{Last Thursdays}
Brick House Pizzeria @ 198 Ezell Street
   5:30 - 7:00 pm  
Join local democrats for an evening of sharing information and ideas!  Dutch treat.

                                                                                This Month - 5/26/2016




2016 CLUB!

 (donations - $20.16 or MORE)
Call the HQ office - 585-6957

Social Media
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Democrats in Office:

                Senator Glenn Reese

              Councilman Michael Brown

              Representative Harold Mitchell, Jr.
              Representative Harold Mitchell

2016-2018 Spartanburg County 
Democratic Party Officers

Shelly Roehrs, Chair 
Phone:  864-901-5428
Email:  me2ideas@gmail.com

Keshia Edmonds, 1st Vice Chair  
Phone:  864-877-2299
Email:   keshiaedm@yahoo.com

Ron Romine, 2nd Vice Chair
Phone:  864-590-1387
Email:  romine@charter.net

Jayde Barton, 3rd Vice Chair 
Phone: 864-978-6471
Email:  jbarton2782@gmail.com

Allen Singer, Treasurer  
Phone: 864-579-3057
Email: amsing9@gmail.com 

Helen D. Bennett, Secretary
Phone: 864-587-2775
Email: hdbsouth@msn.com 

Mike Turner, Platform & Resolutions  
Phone: 864-809-5139
Email: mrt1214@bellsouth.net

 Don BramblettRules & Credentials  
 Phone:  864-590-7442
 Email:  donnb185@gmail.com

Liz Patterson, Executive Committeewoman  
Phone: 864-582-1970
Email:  lizjpatterson@gmail.com

Jonathan Metcalf, Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-814-5726
Email:   jonathanmetcalf@mac.com

Dennis Shreefer, Alt. Executive Committeeman  
Phone:  864-585-1239
Email:  shreefer@gmail.com

Dorothy Geter, Alt. Executive Committeewoman 
Phone:  864-582-8831
Email: dbgeter@hotmail.com


In Memorium:  
    Zerno Martin  (1933-2016) 

 Memorials to: Zerno Martin Nursing Scholarship Fund (SMRC Foundation)   or   Zerno E Martin Endowed Scholarship Fund (USC-Upstate)